Dream of Blue Jay

MEANING: Dream of blue jay expresses that today you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your skills in a very pleasant social gathering. Time to take over a business or boost a major sale. A new house could be in your near future because someone will help you financially. It will be his way of thanking you for the good you did with him at a certain moment. There may be greater understanding in relationships with your children.

SOON: Dream of blue jay symbolises that you have had a change of life, perhaps of work, and that has made you rethink many things. You want to do things that others admire in order to succeed professionally. Summer is your best time and you look great everywhere. You have always preferred deep relationships, of all kinds. Sometimes in life it is necessary to be brave, but it is you who must decide when it is time.

FUTURE: Dream of blue jay expresses that in the economic aspect you start a fantastic time. You solve a pending money issue that was giving you a little headache. At last you will tell others something important to you, but you will not feel understood at first. In the work, projects that you have been thinking about for a long time will materialize. Love is all around you and you cannot escape from some sentimental commitment.

ADVICE: Surprise him with an original plan somewhere intimate. Get your imagination going and see what you can do.

WARNING: Don’t take it badly and recognize that that person knows more than you do about a subject or issue. Try not to fall into that temptation, it will be very close at hand.

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