Dream of Black Feces

MEANING: Dream of black feces symbolises that the efforts you have been making for months will finally bear fruit. Don’t let doubts block you and prevent you from achieving the goals you have set. A cold can bring you more than one headache. You are surrounded by a lot of negativity in your life. You are feeling cut off from your family.

SOON: Black feces in dream indicates that you love to share experiences with your partner, because alone, without company, you feel lost. Your charms are very great, but sometimes shyness prevents you from showing yourself as you are. You come out of some kind of confusion and see your picture a little more clearly. Work relationships are stabilized and good family communication is restored. Union, fellowship and friendship are favorably emphasized.

FUTURE: Dream of black feces shows that someone is going to introduce you to a person who may be important in the future. Little by little it will take shape and you will see it much more clearly. Your personality will now experience a positive transformation. The beauty of your heart will be reflected in those you love. At night, you will have an unexpected reward that you will love to receive.

More about Black Feces

Dream of feces suggests that you are starting a new stage and you must do it without any pending accounts. In the afternoon, a good friend will propose a plan of the most appetizing. If you work on a new project you will give it a good push despite all the problems you have. You will discover that success is in you and not in factors external to you. At lunch someone will make you open your eyes in a matter that was not at all easy for you.

Dream of black feces contains special messages

ADVICE: Make good use of your charms and multiple talents. Ask for forgiveness, you will be free and harmony will flow again.

WARNING: If someone in your family makes you feel bad, explain what happened. Either you put limits on stress or you start paying the consequences.

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