Dream of Being Suspended

MEANING: Dream of being suspended expresses that it is better to take small steps and not to expose yourself too much. Your partner could ask you today for more involvement in love affairs. You could meet someone right now, which is when you least expect it. Your most sentimental dreams can be helped today by your human warmth. At some point, the management of all that will not be placid, because you will have to force some situation.

SOON: Dream of being suspended shows that you deserve to rest, enjoy life and be happy. If you set your mind to it, you could greatly improve the management of your income and expenses. This solidarity motivates you to face the beginning of the year, which is a little hard. Only you can find out what this is all about. The proximity of your birthday makes you feel in a good mood.

FUTURE: Dream of being suspended expresses that throughout the day you will give off vitality. You will still have more work than usual and only with a lot of organization you will succeed. You will finish them soon and then you will dedicate yourself to something you like. You will now have the mental power and cunning to succeed in any challenge ahead. You begin to reap the fruits of your hard work and you will be filled with.

ADVICE: You should find out the secret you are trying to find in a book that someone will recommend. Your mind must look in another direction and be open to other ways of seeing reality.

WARNING: Beware of excesses at the table, which you sometimes miss and then regret. Plant it now, but be strategic enough not to catch your boss at a difficult time.

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