Dream of Being Sung To

MEANING: Dream of being sung to means that until recently you had some doubts, but now you have clarified. We all have defects and virtues and maybe you are not taking good advantage of the latter. Your critical sense will be noticed throughout the day. You have a very clear conscience because of the steps you have taken. You will now experience a sense of security and increased self-confidence.

SOON: Dream of being sung to signifies that the best way to know is to talk, but try not to push it. What matters is to be honest with yourself, as long as you don’t hurt anyone. You channel your energy now towards the constructive and the really valuable. Returning to childhood from time to time is not a bad idea. Sentimental conflicts are solved and love becomes pleasant again.

FUTURE: Dream of being sung to expresses that somehow they revitalize you and fill you with positive energy and hope. If you do, you will feel a wider view because you learn something that is valuable. Tonight is a good opportunity for you to experiment with your partner in the most sensual. You will seize the day and demonstrate to the loved one some of your qualities that remained hidden. This will take you totally by surprise and you will not know how to act.

ADVICE: If they are home-related issues, attend to the essentials, apply your practicality. Find a quiet moment to smooth things over.

WARNING: Don’t show an exaggerated concern for children or give them treats they don’t really need. Avoid meeting people who transmit bad vibrations.

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