Dream of Being Stubborn

MEANING: Dream of being stubborn symbolises that it doesn’t do you any good to be angry with the people you love all the time. You are free of any worries and focused on a life of ease. You need shield yourself from some emotional turmoil. All your hidden talents come to light and this time they will be recognized by many. The day will present itself with worries but you can’t get carried away.

SOON: Being stubborn in dream means that you dedicate sunday to that activity for which you have no time during the week. The first thing you need is to clarify your ideas about what you want and need. Your relationship with your partner has reached a turning point and you must make a decision. You have already come out of a legal issue that has cost you enough money, but has ended. Artistic or cultural activities are necessary for you as for others the bread.

FUTURE: Dream of being stubborn symbolises that you will invite those closest to you to celebrate and have fun. You will want to compensate the people who live with you. They will look inside themselves for an answer and they will soon find it, so they will be happy. You will even solve some misunderstanding or reach a pact in the coexistence. Still, it will not be a very complex day, but one of much reflection.

Dream of being stubborn contains special messages

ADVICE: Be loving at all times, allow him to express himself and do not judge him. Think of possible solutions and choose the best.

WARNING: Run away from the commitments you are bound to. Accept sadness and allow yourself not to be happy all the time.

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