Dream of Being Rejected By Someone You Love

MEANING: Dream of being rejected by someone you love shows that try to listen to both of them so you don’t get a very unpleasant surprise. Your health is good, but you must learn to release tension. You are feeling overwhelmed by emotions. If it is a different social circle than yours, don’t worry about what they think of you. Your energy is rising, but watch out for it if you see that it leads you to be a bit authoritarian today.

SOON: Dream of being rejected by someone you love signifies that it’s time for you to stand up for what’s right for you and have fun again. You are a brilliant and intelligent person, but you do not trust yourself or your abilities. In your shadow, on the dark side of your personality, there is much learning that you must not avoid. All you have to do is find people and groups to collaborate with. You have great talent and no time to waste.

FUTURE: Dream of being rejected by someone you love signifies that you will get them to change or do things at your discretion. A somewhat tarnished co-worker might tell you a rumor that would affect your relationship with work. There will be days of great intensity in the professional. Children can give you lots of joy and positive energy. They are taking note of your achievements, although the current situation requires patience.

ADVICE: Be understanding even if you find a problem with one of the receipts. Assumes a more serene attitude towards problems that may arise.

WARNING: Channel your concerns into new projects, studies or work. Be careful with the expenses you are having since there is no out-of-pocket to resist it.

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