Dream of Being A Homewrecker

MEANING: Dream of being a homewrecker shows that you need to catch up on your physical well-being. You need to assert and stand up for yourself in your life. They will offer you the possibility to earn extra money by collaborating in a project. You don’t have to swallow alone some problems that affect you and your partner equally. Once you are brave and act decisively, everything will be fine.

SOON: Dream of being a homewrecker shows that there are new realities and responsibilities in your life. In your family environment you have a model to imitate. You always want to win, even when you play a game of cards with the family. In every challenge there is learning and growth. You’re already thinking about a new romantic getaway.

FUTURE: Dream of being a homewrecker means that some opportunities for travel or intellectual advancement are close at hand. You will be full of inspiration, of new energies. Intuition will play an important role in them. You will not miss the couple because there is a lot of love around you. You enter a process of reflection that will be somewhat hard, but much more enriching than you think.

ADVICE: Listen to yourself more than you are doing lately. In love look for a person who is intellectually compatible with you.

WARNING: In the field of work, you should be cautious and not trust anyone. Don’t get distracted by possible calls or social networks.

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