Dream of Bad Odour

MEANING: Dream of bad odour shows that apply relaxation techniques so you can recover lost energy. If you play your cards right, today you can shine in your work. You need to be willing to take a risk in order to move forward toward your goals. In this sense, you will handle well something that will happen around you. For you there is no problem that cannot be solved by talking.

SOON: Dream of bad odour symbolises that you are still thinking about a conversation with your partner that took place a few days ago. Your mind is more astute, analytical and detailed than usual. There are very good opportunities for progress and gain. You like everything to be under control, tidy. There is something you have wanted to buy for a long time and it is time to do it.

FUTURE: Dream of bad odour means that a relationship with someone you’ve known for a long time is going to take a major turn. You will realize how wishes are fulfilled at the perfect moment. The voice of your heart will tell you not to do something, but you may not listen. If you show compression and give your arm to twist, you will rejoice all your life. With ingenuity you will solve a problem that has been dragging on for days.

ADVICE: Do it without hesitation because you will be safe from certain risks. Find yourself a hobby to occupy your free time and, thus, abstain from problems.

WARNING: Beware of persons who are deceitful, talkative, cheating or unscrupulous. Don’t let there be any hurtful words or bad manners that you may regret.

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