Dream of Bad Luck

MEANING: Dream of bad luck indicates that a technological problem will make you waste some of your time in unproductive activities today. An unpleasant discussion will cloud the work environment and partly block your creative ideas. You receive good news, perhaps about the arrival of a new member to your family. It is not a bad idea to indulge in a little whim, but without wasting. Your health suffers from the intense pace of work you have imposed on yourself.

SOON: Dream of bad luck means that you have come out of more complicated situations. Serenity and making your arguments calmly are the best strategy for you. Even everyday life can become a fascinating event. You are ready for changes and it is time for you to look for new horizons and perspectives. It’s time to take the leap you wanted to take, enjoying and savoring every moment.

FUTURE: Dream of bad luck suggests that you will have to say no to an invitation or a social gathering, but the discomfort will soon pass. Soon something very beautiful will come into your life that will make you smile. Events are going to favor you much more than you think now and you are going to come out winning. You will see life with optimism and wish to get all its juice. If you follow the example of the people who inspire you, you will not disappoint anyone.

ADVICE: Trust your worth in everything you set out to do. Go courageously on professional adventures.

WARNING: You should not be compromised by matters that are not really your concern. Learn to accept who you want as they are and don’t try to change them.

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