Dream of Baboon

MEANING: Dream of baboon shows that it is not today to take away the bad mood that some situations produce. If you want to succeed at work, you have no choice but to insist. You will not take for granted the words or messages that someone from your past sends you. Affective matters haunt your head and also your heart. You should make sure your next vacation is warm and that you choose somewhere not too exotic.

SOON: Dream of baboon expresses that those renewed airs stimulate your mood and a kinder look at what surrounds you. It’s time to seek your own pleasure and reaffirm your appetites or tastes in anything. New possibilities arise to move up the ladder in your company. You are at the right place and the right time to move towards what you want. Taking care of your health is a daily commitment to yourself and that includes eating.

FUTURE: Dream of baboon signifies that you will do it without improvisation, gradually and measuring well your steps. You may not connect with one of your superiors, but avoid being noticed. You must remain attentive to the signs with which life will indicate the right path. With your good heart you will overcome envy, which is never lacking. You will feel the need to make changes in your home.

ADVICE: You must keep it and be in the place you have chosen. Share it with people who have given you a hand.

WARNING: Don’t lose your patience for nonsense or whims. Be more communicative and honest, otherwise everything will go wrong.

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