Dream of Attending A Wake

MEANING: Dream of attending a wake indicates that a good friend will help you regain your self-confidence. Fun and entertainment are your unfinished business this week. You are lowering yourself and your standards. Don’t be shy and look for what you need, what you deserve and leave aside the unnecessary. Your prejudices are going to be very present in the couple’s relationship.

SOON: Dream of attending a wake shows that you wake up in a high mood, calm, but not too much energy. The important thing is that you act with a cool head and without pressure of any kind. You start to relax and take it all in a better way. Inside you are all the answers you are looking for outside. The economy is stabilized, as long as you don’t spend too much and don’t indulge in misplaced whims.

FUTURE: Dream of attending a wake suggests that although you don’t expect it, you will get some joy. You will value what others have to say or bring to your life. There may be a major change in your personal or professional life. You will spend free time on that, and even part of your vacation. You will be the fair winner of an argument that was left half way and that you gave up.

ADVICE: Learn the art of relaxation to cope with stress. Take careful care of your emotional and physical state.

WARNING: Don’t miss interesting opportunities that could take a long time to come back. Try not to judge her and accept this person as she is.

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