Dream of Amethyst

MEANING: Dream of amethyst suggests that an upcoming trip will open doors you can’t even imagine now. You may not be alert or informed about a particular situation. It’s a day for you to be aware of improving your image or taking better care of yourself in some aspects. In spite of how tenacious you are in other aspects of life, in this one you stand. You are denied access to a place where you were previously allowed.

SOON: Dream of amethyst means that all the people around you have their own particular point of view. You’re very open to the possibility of a serious relationship, but everything takes time. You have begun the path of building your emotions. Boldness does not conflict with prudence. You should make peace with a relative with whom you argued and you don’t even know why.

FUTURE: Dream of amethyst signifies that you may start a rather enriching relationship. An experienced person will give you an interesting tip or hint. Sport will be your best ally if you are willing to open the doors. You start the week with a lot of energy, so channel it whenever you can or you will get stressed out. After a few days you will see everything from another angle less tremendous.

ADVICE: As soon as you can, communicate the good news to others, don’t keep it inside, share it. Don’t be angry with a friend if you borrow money and he denies you.

WARNING: Don’t say no to new members or to people who bring other ideas that will suit you. Do not impose your whim or your desires on your partner because he will not accept it willingly.

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