Dream of Air Raid

MEANING: Dream of air raid indicates that you tend to see more defects than the virtues of others and thus you cause a distancing. It is time for you to stop and solve a pending administrative or bureaucratic issue. Don’t let anyone influence you with their pessimism today, as it is not what you need at this time. Watch out for something you write in the whatsupp, pay attention. You are heralding new changes into your life.

SOON: Air raid in dream signifies that your way of seeing things has changed because you have matured and feel very confident. Patience is essential to continue and not give up. It’s time to turn sorrows into joy and have fun. Each person is a world and digests things differently. It’s time to stop complaining and get down to business.

FUTURE: Dream of air raid shows that now you have the opportunity to restore confidence. The potholes your relationship sometimes goes through can be less and less. The instructions will be clear, but you will have to go all the way. You will see how you breathe deeply and find some happy answers. You will fully recover from the health problems you have had.

More about Air Raid

Dream of being in air signifies that that way, you won’t regret not trying to do something you want to do. You are living a very good stage in the personal. You may revive some unpleasant moment from the past, but you will face it with fortitude. Physically you will start to feel much better. You will enjoy a lot, especially with the cultural leisure.

Dream of air raid contains special messages

ADVICE: Try to mediate so that peace will come again and don’t get carried away. Explain it well to all the people involved.

WARNING: Try to leave a matter well tied up, even if you have to spend more time. Discussions of politics or religion should be removed completely from your agenda.

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