Dream of A Whiteboard

MEANING: Dream of a whiteboard expresses that you will do this with peace of mind and great results and you will be very satisfied. In the morning everything will be normal. Patience will be a fundamental weapon for you today. You keep your attitudes and behavior in check. Pay attention to economic issues and relationships of interest with others.

SOON: Dream of a whiteboard shows that the way forward is to follow the right path, not the easy one or the one others want you to follow. You have gained in confidence and know that everything is possible. You feel very happy and content and you don’t know why. Someone gives you a lot of encouragement and words of comfort in a work matter or job search. Now you have proven that it was not so important to feel good.

FUTURE: Dream of a whiteboard suggests that your charisma could open old doors that have remained closed in recent years. You will find solutions to small domestic problems. You will realize that everything is in perfect order. Your good or bad reputation will speak for you now. You will be successful in an argument that will go beyond what is acceptable.

ADVICE: Take advantage of your talent in dealing with others and use it in public works. Resolve any past conflicts as soon as possible so that you can fully realize.

WARNING: You must know, however, that the conclusion you will draw will not be understood at a rational level. Don’t let appearances deceive you and try to treat that person more before getting your hopes up.

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