Dream of A Red Herring

MEANING: Dream of a red herring expresses that you are going to claim your own space because you feel maybe a little bit apart. A situation is bothering you too much lately. Analyze well what has happened and even if you find it unpleasant, take out its positive consequences. You need to find the right balance between work, family and fun. Try to overcome your fears and don’t close the door to a possible adventure.

SOON: Dream of a red herring expresses that you have learned wise lessons both in the management of your life and in love. You are running a business or a job with a lot of effort. Some agreements you had pending with other people some time ago are closed. Even everyday life can become a fascinating event. Maybe he is in a very different personal moment than you and look for other scenarios.

FUTURE: Dream of a red herring shows that someone will give you the opportunity, but you can avoid it. You will feel better when you talk to him and get it off your chest. You won’t miss anything and you will know how to read between the lines in people’s comments. If you put effort in this exercise, you will manage to improve your communication powers. You will even receive advice from someone very close.

ADVICE: Take advantage of this opportunity to paint, act, sing, dance and shine in everything artistic. Take advantage of the fact that work leaves you more free time to meet your friends.

WARNING: Do not listen to a certain person who will give you misleading information. Don’t think about the past because you have a lot to do.

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