Dream of A Giant Cake

MEANING: Dream of a giant cake expresses that this capacity of yours may give you a promotion in the medium or short term. The frantic pace of the week takes its toll on you and today you will need to charge your batteries at home. You experience desire to know something new and different, to visit places never seen before by you. Excess things are hindering you from your goals. You need to keep your composure at all times throughout your workday.

SOON: A giant cake in dream signifies that travel, the foreigner, religion, politics and higher education are now exalted for you. You take advantage of a conversation to clarify a past issue that is not yet clear to you. There is nothing to hide because you trust that person and they trust you. You are very valuable, but in order to prove it you must first believe in yourself. Your carat is recognized as professional.

FUTURE: Dream of a giant cake suggests that you know what you want and you will keep going for it. The call from someone you care about will make your day. Your home now becomes the place to meet and party. If you have some self-control, you will get that call and you will not be exposed for free. You will be presented with all the opportunities you need.

More about A Giant Cake

Dream of giants means that you can move forward by relying on your best qualities. You’ll learn something that might spur you on to continue. Personally you will live, when you get home, moments of great domestic happiness. You will have the opportunity to live unique moments with your partner. Friends will be a source of satisfaction and you will meet someone who gives you a good time.

Dream of cake means that you won’t lack company or people you appreciate to celebrate something very positive that happens. You will celebrate and count on the enthusiasm of someone who really loves you. You will be good at social relationships and will feel happy and full. You may consider living with her or taking on new commitments. You will receive a call or a communication of any kind that will make you jump.

Dream of a giant cake contains special messages

ADVICE: Give yourself some treats in the sales, but don’t go crazy with the bargains. Forget about any kind of social commitment and dedicate time to yourself.

WARNING: Don’t relax about the arrival of the easter vacations. Don’t let past mistakes stop you from making decisions in the present.

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