Dream of A Clear Stream

MEANING: Dream of a clear stream expresses that luck has come to stay for a while, but you must make an effort so that everything goes well. Everything you do today in your work, will serve to strengthen the image they have about you. Emotional tensions always generate physical somatization. Organize your life, and put yourself in the place you deserve. You are ready to explore and open yourself to new experiences.

SOON: A clear stream in dream shows that your adventurous nature makes you not afraid of the unknown. The power of expression, of the written and spoken word, is strengthened in you. Those moments are very useful to improve family relationships or to enjoy leisure. If you have a partner, it is time to make important decisions. The important thing is that you continue to carry out your big bet.

FUTURE: Dream of a clear stream signifies that the person you least expect will be the one accompanying you. They will give you very useful ideas, so be nice and attentive. Harmony in your home and joy in your workplace or studies will be dominant. You will have the opportunity to smile at life and life will smile at you. A little jump to another place can help you know what you want to be different.

More about A Clear Stream

Dream of stream shows that friends will be a source of satisfaction and you will meet someone who gives you a good time. You get a news about the job you’ve been waiting for. Now you see everything quite dark, but it will pass. Before speaking or acting you will have to evaluate the consequences with much foresight. If everything is fixed, you will spend a wonderful afternoon that you will not forget in a long time.

Dream of a clearing shows that that will make you think about it, try not to get obsessed, because things are on the right track. The truth is that it is going to be one of your fullest moments. What matters is that you start as soon as possible. You will now have the power to convince and to make love to the one you are so interested in. Some financial issues will be resolved positively.

Dream of a clear stream contains special messages

ADVICE: Experience is always important, so rely on what someone older than you tells you. Ask for all the documents to be registered, because that information is fundamental.

WARNING: Try to go unnoticed and not open the debate on thorny issues. Avoid confrontations, and do not insist on your point of view, unless you like quarrels.

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