Dream of Yellow And Blue

MEANING: Dream of yellow and blue expresses that perhaps you are in need of a jumpstart in some area. There is no denying that sometimes you have a lot of lip service to convince others of your purposes. A good book will be your ideal companion for this journey. Personal appearance is transformed for the better. You will not lack ideas and the truth is that you will like to try everything.

SOON: Dream of yellow and blue indicates that it’s time you learned how to prevent certain ailments that recur in your body every few weeks. It’s a day to be very much at home and avoid toxic sensations. You are very versatile and that makes you adapt well to changing life circumstances. This is someone who wrote to you last week with a somewhat mysterious message. At this time, you are not prepared to be tied down or to have commitments.

FUTURE: Dream of yellow and blue symbolises that the feeling of having everything under control makes you breathe deeply and be very optimistic. Holidays make it easier, if you are invited to a party, accept. At the last minute someone could make you a very interesting proposal. A friend will come to your city by surprise and will share with you many news. You will have expenses, but they will be satisfactory.

ADVICE: Overcome that negative feeling you have with them. Remember how important it is for you to start opening up to others.

WARNING: Just go your way and don’t get into arguments that won’t do you any good. Be careful with the car, you can have some breakdown.

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