Dream of Wheels

MEANING: Dream of wheels expresses that there are a lot of things to look forward to in the near future. This is not the time to get involved with them in any kind of association or work. You need to be careful of people who surround you. That’s because when you look your best, you can become an excellent public relations. The fire of passion is lit with someone from the past.

SOON: Dream of wheels symbolises that what she wants is to move towards some point in the relationship and be clear about what you want. The natives of the sign are lovers of the quiet life and flee from any kind of shock. Attitude conducive to those who work in front of the public. Others are there to support you in your progress and decisions, not to boycott you. You know, deep down, that it is just a whim and that it is perfectly avoidable.

FUTURE: Dream of wheels means that new experiences are waiting for you in terms of love affairs. Friends will be of great use to you at this time. Now you will do it and get to be centered in it, with the five senses. The appointment will be most emotionally rewarding. You will not be wrong if you consider that the best thing is to get away from her.

ADVICE: You have to listen to your inner voice to know what steps to take. Learn from your experiences, they are very revealing.

WARNING: Avoid any social commitment that may represent a decrease in attention to your partner. Let go of those attachments of your ego and do not let them take over.

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