Dream of Waiting To Die

MEANING: Dream of waiting to die shows that you are feeling invigorated and inspired by the possibilities that are out there for you. Moving away from materialism is something that will come in handy today. The requests of the last months have finally been rewarded. A work setback may arise that forces you to act quickly. Trust yourself because you are highly qualified.

SOON: Dream of waiting to die suggests that in every challenge there is learning and growth. With a lot of effort, you have made an important project and your bosses are happy with you. You want all the people around you to feel comfortable. You want something and it’s time to fight for it. You feel good, full, happy, at ease with yourself and those around you.

FUTURE: Dream of waiting to die suggests that if you have a family feud from the past, now is the time to settle it. Your image will change a lot as soon as you set your mind to it. There is optimism for the future and that will make you show a great smile. Your interest in the occult will grow enormously. As soon as you adapt to the environment you will feel better.

ADVICE: Learn to relax in the air and enjoy this sunday. Be optimistic and things will start to change for the better.

WARNING: Stay away from all kinds of conflicts especially at work. Beware of jealousy, it can assail you that feeling.

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