Dream of Unwanted Advances

MEANING: Dream of unwanted advances expresses that you are on the right track toward success and accomplishing your goals. Watch your words or an unwise comment could hurt someone you love very much. You will wake up from a bitter dream and be glad to find out that what you were dreaming was not real. Every step you take you must take it totally convinced of it. There is an enemy that does not stop stalking you and looking for your possible failures.

SOON: Dream of unwanted advances means that you have an excellent capacity to investigate and analyze, especially the most complicated areas. Doubts and other resentments are left behind and a new stage in family relations is opened. You have a tendency to focus on only one aspect of your life and leave the rest alone. You have been through a lot and you are sailing in deep waters. You regain the optimism and desire to start in a company, business or project.

FUTURE: Dream of unwanted advances expresses that you’ll be pretty busy because you’ll want to resolve outstanding household issues. If that relationship is not recovered, at least your image will be improved. You will seek approval from those who mean a lot to you. The economy will not be a problem since you will know how to organize your resources well. The opportunity of your life is still to come.

ADVICE: Exercise to help you clear your mind these days. You must listen to your inner voice to act in the best way for everyone.

WARNING: Do not exhaust yourself or do what is contraindicated for you. You must not leave room for nostalgia, what you must think is that you have regained strength.

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