Dream of Transformer

MEANING: Dream of transformer means that sometimes it is better not to make your wishes so clear. Put yourself in your place and don’t let them try to cheat you or overcharge you. Help will come from someone whom you least expect. If you feel a desire to change jobs, start acting. You are great at finding solutions to a problem, when others have already thrown in the towel.

SOON: Dream of transformer shows that throughout your life you incorporate valid information and knowledge. Sometimes you are unpredictable in your reactions and somewhat eccentric. You can consult a specialist or you can face your fears on your own. Intense emotions are enlivened and you know how to savor every moment. You like and enjoy serving and helping others.

FUTURE: Dream of transformer indicates that your perseverance will be key to achieve what you set out to do. Good luck will come to you in many ways and you will know how to take advantage of it. Your intuition will be a good guide to know how to say the exact words to your partner or family. You will start the week with an optimistic day. You will be interested in cultural plans related to music and art.

ADVICE: Value the advice and opinions you have been given, but give priority to your own needs. You must have very clear ideas so that you can move safely and conclude successfully.

WARNING: Don’t be surprised if he demands more sincerity. If so, don’t be persuaded to make plans that will be exhausting.

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There was a transformer. I was at my home when I switched on a water supply. The water blew away as a huge fountain above the house. The water hit the transformer and there was a explosion only smoke but no fire.