Dream of Tiny Puppy

MEANING: Dream of tiny puppy means that you may be putting yourself in some sort of danger, either physical or mental. You are struggling between good and evil and right and wrong. A woman might remind you of past issues at work, think well before you speak. You should open up to your family and friends more. The weekend will be ideal to escape from the worldly noise.

SOON: Tiny puppy in dream expresses that the key is to conclude the most urgent matters first. You’re on a pretty good streak and it’s time to take advantage of it in every way. At some point, someone changes their mind. It’s a good time to dedicate yourself a little more to others. You fill yourself with courage to put into practice everything that you didn’t dare to try before.

FUTURE: Dream of tiny puppy signifies that you will attend a social gathering where you will meet a variety of people. You will meet a person who, from the first moment, will attract you. You will feel very identified with nature, with the universe. In addition, you will strive to please others with invitations and gifts. If you do your part, the blood will not reach the river.

More about Tiny Puppy

Dream of puppy symbolises that you are entering a period of change and surprises in which you play a very important role. Your friend won’t mean any harm and you know it. Others will notice the effort you make and will thank you. A romance can become something more serious and lasting. Deep and spiritual feelings are awakened in you and you will want to share them with your loved one.

Dream of tiny puppy contains special messages

ADVICE: Search within your being and be true to yourself. Once you have resolved to do this, put your foot down with this person.

WARNING: At work, do not intervene in absurd conflicts that have nothing to do with you. Don’t hide in your business or work, and use it as an excuse.

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