Dream of Teapot

MEANING: Dream of teapot symbolises that if one lives only once, it is not to take each thing to the tremendous. This is when you decide to prove the world wrong, so take advantage of this energy. Stay away from problems that family members or people close to you may have. You may be incubating a virus or have your defenses lowered. You have said something that has offended someone.

SOON: Dream of teapot expresses that your instinct is the one that most of the times governs your acts. The person next to you has always shown you unconditional love. You don’t have to worry about a project you have in your hands. Your emotional energy is in harmony with your will. You may question the principles by which you have organized your life.

FUTURE: Dream of teapot suggests that meeting friends will help you regain your self esteem. The day will be quiet and you will have extra time to sort papers and plan tasks. Only by being healthy will you be able to face all the work that awaits you. All changes are positive and will make you better. You will not allow yourself distractions or waste time with minutiae.

ADVICE: Consider all that before you believe certain pretty words that will have some dart in them. If someone expressly asks for your opinion, give it, but in a calm and relaxed way.

WARNING: Don’t get paralyzed or stuck in the same. Try to get a little detached from the family.

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