Dream of Swaying

MEANING: Dream of swaying symbolises that seeks to establish a fair and appropriate balance between the professional and emotional. Maintain a positive attitude so you can enjoy the new things life has to offer. You feel that something is missing and sometimes you don’t know what. You have a secret that you are afraid will be revealed. He or she is trying to express himself or herself in the relationship.

SOON: Dream of swaying means that this situation can be fixed if there is no loss of patience and good communication. You are very happy that things are going well at work. You are now more mature and know what really suits you. Sentimental conflicts are solved and love becomes pleasant again. What has to do with your family is very important to you.

FUTURE: Dream of swaying symbolises that adapting to the circumstances will be better, even if you think it is unfair to you. Thanks to it it will be easier for you to make a certain decision. Personally, you are living an extraordinary moment of life. A trip will give you the opportunity to know better someone very important in your future life. Personal magic will make you gain prestige and recognition.

ADVICE: Make good use of all that creativity that somehow characterizes you. Be supportive and do not quarrel with a loved one.

WARNING: Don’t put all your hopes and dreams into something unattainable at the moment. On the emotional side, don’t let anyone play with your feelings.

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