Dream of Surprising Someone

MEANING: Dream of surprising someone expresses that if you have a trip scheduled this weekend you may have to improvise at some point. Don’t waste one more second to find the job that makes you happy. If you have a meal or family gathering you should be discreet in your manifestations. Watch the consumption of alcohol and avoid falling into excesses that do not benefit you. Give more attention to public relations.

SOON: Dream of surprising someone symbolises that it’s time for you to take a step forward but without getting overwhelmed. You feel nostalgia for what is ending, but at the same time hope for what is coming. Having beautiful things or comforts around you in your most personal space is important to you. It’s time to invest time and energy in your relationships. It’s good for you to regain that contact, either from a professional or personal point of view.

FUTURE: Dream of surprising someone expresses that later you will find meaning in his words. You will spend more time at home with family than with friends. You will be much more self-confident, mature and wise. You will live a very exciting experience in the next twenty-four hours. Now you will be clearer about what you want to do, even though you see the barriers that exist.

ADVICE: Enjoy what you have, which is a lot, and the more you are grateful the more it will be. Feel lucky with what you have because you will not lack love for a single day.

WARNING: Don’t leave anything for later and start developing those plans you have for the future. Do not take the other party’s arguments lightly.

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