Dream of Succulents

MEANING: Dream of succulents expresses that some economic and also karmic debts will be settled. You have some dreams that have to do with spiritual or educational goals. There is something that is taking a lot of your energy and is not necessary in your life at all. Try not to become obsessed with anything that is only material, because it is probably dispensable. You must be very patient, because their ideas or even manias, are deeply rooted.

SOON: Dream of succulents indicates that sometimes it is necessary to say no to maintain the integrity. Your body demands it, take more care of it, even if it means giving up some alimentary whims. The important thing is how you act with them. The best thing is that you channel your energies into a new project. Rest and recovery from your sleeping hours are important to your health.

FUTURE: Dream of succulents shows that an afternoon without commitments and without watching the clock will not hurt you. The time is perfect to combine leisure time with work or profession. You will feel liberated and optimistic when it is over and with much more life experience. You will have to make a great effort and give everything so that you can achieve all your purposes. The illusion with which you will start a new project will be the basis for your success.

ADVICE: Treat now with silk glove what is related to your intimate, personal relationships. Resume your sports habits and improve your diet.

WARNING: Relativize everything that happens and don’t give it more importance than it has. Be more conservative when investing or spending money.

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