Dream of Spouse

MEANING: Dream of spouse symbolises that it may be a change of business, residence or position. Some ailments won’t give you a break today and will make you feel very worried. You are regressing into your subconscious. Get away from those people who steal your energy. Surprising news comes from someone unexpected that can give you a joy.

SOON: Spouse in dream expresses that if you have something in your hands, now is the time to put it into action. There is someone who is very attentive to the results you get. You don’t stop working even on a holiday, and best of all you don’t care. That renewed look at certain things puts you in a very good mood. The fear of suffering again in love can be your main obstacle to achieve happiness.

FUTURE: Dream of spouse shows that fate may play in your favor now, especially in some legal matters. That renews your illusions, even if you have had some disappointment not too long ago. You cannot avoid what has already happened, but you can walk with optimism towards the new. You will give your cry of independence from everything that was stagnating. Your classmates will help you a lot and the atmosphere will be good in general.

Dream of spouse contains special messages

ADVICE: What they will say has influenced you too much in the last years, but now you must overcome all that. Tries to bring up topics of conversation that make him laugh.

WARNING: Forget about the uncertainties of a new job. Don’t push your luck or spend money on games of chance.

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High profile business man wants me as a spouse. And his friend told him he wants me. Then, the high profile man from generosity let him have me . I was sad because I wanted him, and not his friend. His friend became happy.