Dream of Someone Spitting

MEANING: Dream of someone spitting indicates that you will say goodbye to the depressions and anguish of the soul. It is time to reflect on how you will achieve what you have set out to do. You have a selfish aim or motive with someone. Today you talk very calmly about that emotional situation that is affecting you a lot. You’ve been eating something wrong for days and you’re starting to notice it because of some stomach upset.

SOON: Dream of someone spitting shows that maybe it’s just a matter of communication, of making you understand better. Someone you imagine not to be interested, thinks about you more than it seems. Wasting time often means gaining it in reflection or in tranquility. You are now interested in finding an ally around you. Financial issues are still of vital importance to you.

FUTURE: Dream of someone spitting shows that a new road opens up, no matter how unexpectedly exciting. You take advantage of part of your free time to do so, you won’t even mind getting up early. You will notice that the relationship is going great and that you want to make plans with it. In addition, singles of the sign could meet someone and start a romance. You will know how to eliminate everything superfluous and unnecessary from your life.

ADVICE: Luck is on your side and you must take advantage of it for everything. In this case you should listen to your intuition more than to your friends or family.

WARNING: Don’t get carried away by the frantic pace of some people around you. Face the facts and find out what resistances are behind your refusals.

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