Dream of Someone Being Nice

MEANING: Dream of someone being nice signifies that you will gain a lot in well-being if you set your mind to it as soon as possible. A surprise will end the routine of your daily life today. Singles will have opportunities to seduce whoever they propose, it will be fun. You should learn assertiveness techniques. You have to relax and feel peace in your heart in order to continue with your life in the best way.

SOON: Dream of someone being nice shows that you have been very good to others and deserve to be worked with. The best they can do in this situation is to seek powerful allies. Life is a game you sometimes take too seriously. You do not let yourself be influenced by anything or anyone in matters of aesthetics or fashion. You have nothing to be sorry about, what happened, happened.

FUTURE: Dream of someone being nice signifies that even if that means you undress your intimacy, it will be much more relaxing than you think. Social relations are increased and you will have time to chat relaxed. You will be presented with all the opportunities you need. The answers will bring you a very renewed passion in your life. You will know how to defend yourself against some charges at work.

ADVICE: You must calm down, relax and trust that everything that happens will be the best for you. Take advantage of your talent in dealing with others and use it in public works.

WARNING: Take care of your economy and don’t spend unnecessarily. Don’t let that lead you to get angry with a family member.

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