Dream of Social Flying

MEANING: Dream of social flying indicates that you have within you enough strength to reinvent yourself and that makes you powerful. All the past is now buried and you open yourself to new loves and new works. Constancy is indispensable for you to achieve good results in your work. It will be a heated conversation about a point where you cannot understand each other. Don’t oppose your boss, because it wouldn’t be very smart of you.

SOON: Dream of social flying shows that time does not pass in vain and the best thing is to live the present and make the most of it. It’s time to stand up and look for new ways for them to recognize your worth. You pay more attention now to your personal appearance. Much of the success lies in good planning. There is nothing to hide because you trust that person and they trust you.

FUTURE: Dream of social flying expresses that you come across reality, but that’s not negative. Your personality becomes stronger and you focus on your own inner self. In any case, you will have a good time with some friends you don’t usually see. You are interested in listening because it will help you make a fairly important decision. Defects or problems in your money management come to light.

ADVICE: Try to be nice, even if it is only for your partner. Try to maintain good relations with them.

WARNING: Set less demanding and ambitious goals that you can meet more easily. If you receive a cure of humility do not be surprised.

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