Dream of Shiba Inu

MEANING: Dream of shiba inu shows that you are shielding yourself from life’s hurt. A change of image would be good for you to face new challenges from another perspective. An event will transform your life forever. It is convenient for you to keep well the secret that has been entrusted to you. Your relationship with your partner’s friends may not be ideal.

SOON: Dream of shiba inu means that you feel that you have stagnated socially, but you can remedy it. The important thing is that you don’t get nervous and that you do everything with order. You take very good care of your privacy when a friend asks you questions about your life. Facing your fears is necessary for your current evolution. It’s about organizing your life so that all aspects are taken care of.

FUTURE: Dream of shiba inu shows that economically it will be an excellent time to invest abroad. You run the risk that he will not understand you, but he will surely do so in time. It’s time to declare your independence and start building for your future. They will give you great news at work that will change, at least, your economic destiny. You will feel eager to get involved in new projects and experiences and to expand your horizons.

ADVICE: Watch out for those feelings of envy or jealousy for a success of someone close. You should look for the reasons why you are like this.

WARNING: Accept that you are repressing certain feelings for fear of failure. Analyze what you may have failed at, but don’t rejoice in the mistakes.

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