Dream of Saplings

MEANING: Dream of saplings indicates that you will fix a problem that you have been dragging on for a long time and you didn’t know how to face. Life is asking you for certain changes on a personal level that are not being addressed. You have to act immediately and not let circumstances overwhelm you. You can’t waste time and energy on sterile discussions that get you nowhere. In the cinema, the theater or in an exhibition you will experience something magical that cannot be described in words.

SOON: Dream of saplings symbolises that the birth of a new work project has you excited. Being different from others is not something you should worry too much about. You are a person of action and this is where you feel comfortable with your partner. Excellent day in which everything will go well, influencing your mood. Harmony is something that matters a lot to you, especially in your personal life.

FUTURE: Dream of saplings indicates that people will be coming and going all the time and you will barely have time to attend to them all. You will make communication better in all aspects. Love is found for many of this sign abroad. A message from someone who appreciates you will do you good to reaffirm it. Your passion and your spirit now join hands to make this relationship last.

ADVICE: You should not throw in the towel if something does not go as planned. Express your feelings to the person who loves you.

WARNING: You must remember the reasons why you distanced yourself from this person. You must open your heart, without any hindrance or grudge.

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