Dream of Railing

MEANING: Dream of railing indicates that your family and friends will be concerned about this radical change in your behavior. Take advantage that now you will be more psychic, clairvoyant and your predictions will be accurate. You may have difficulty in maintaining your composure, especially in an awkward or public situation. The best of your wishes will be realized. Don’t be hard on this person as he may have just been trying to protect you.

SOON: Dream of railing means that the approach is right, but the methodology is wrong. Your caution is always greater than the ability to change your schemes. Retreating can sometimes be a good tactic. Taking action as soon as possible is the most mentally sound. The welfare of your family is a job where everyone has to contribute.

FUTURE: Dream of railing symbolises that you will have to manage your time very well so as not to subtract hours from your sleep or leisure. There are days of great emotional intensity that will provide you with great moments. You will meet other people who will positively influence you in many personal aspects. Because you learn from your experiences, your future is promising. You’ll give for good the money you pay for something you were very excited about.

ADVICE: Take a deep breath and give yourself a break if you notice increasing distress in work issues. Learn to enjoy leisure time and leave the problems at work.

WARNING: Don’t let others decide for you, even if it seems the best immediate solution. Don’t lose your temper if something doesn’t go your way.

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