Dream of Picture

MEANING: Dream of picture means that sometimes you don’t value your time very much and you waste it with people who don’t make you really happy. You will be very inspired for any kind of intellectual work or work that requires a lot of attention. Your relationships need your attention today. Creates an environment that inspires peace and harmony. In the domestic environment you will have to solve a small but cumbersome problem.

SOON: Dream of picture suggests that after all, you know that possible changes will not only affect you. For the first time in your life you are doing what you really want to do. This solidarity motivates you to face the beginning of the year, which is a little hard. The important thing is not that you achieve your goal, but that you put yourself to work. In the afternoon you are interested in reading or learning more about a somewhat complex subject.

FUTURE: Dream of picture suggests that you’ll be surprised at the number of people looking for people like you. You will like to have fun and say yes to life. Soon your sadness will pass and you will feel better. You will feel lonely at certain times of the day, but it will only be a matter of perspective. You will see that there is another way to achieve your goals.

ADVICE: You need more time to think and to be with yourself. Take a deep breath because you will get ahead, as long as you rectify some attitudes.

WARNING: Don’t make drastic decisions at this time. Don’t neglect their attention because they understand you best.

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I saw a dream of half a picture of a successful right hand man in a big business. He was at his wedding but looked like he was actually posing for a business. I didn’t see the other half where his wife or the rest of the company would be.