Dream of Man

MEANING: Dream of man suggests that don’t spend your time listening to empty words or people who don’t give you anything valuable. With a scout’s touch you can get what you want. Now it’s a matter of prevention and keeping you in top condition. Today you will be more relaxed and eager to go out and interact with people. Forget about the outside and focus on spending time with what you really care about, which is that person.

SOON: Dream of man shows that you could use some organization in many aspects of your life. You still have some small punch line to make on a matter you didn’t quite finish yesterday. There is a conflict or misunderstanding that is unblocked. You are going through a very positive personal moment. Sometimes we have to stop short and reflect to move forward.

FUTURE: Dream of man means that a person you loved very much will reappear in your life. A domestic issue will take up most of your day. Things will go well and be solved, but they will do it at the right time. One of your relatives will give you great joy. In a very short time an opportunity will arise for you to re-establish communication.

ADVICE: Value yourself as much as you can and let others manage their problems. Consider that others do not go the same way as you and that does not mean that they are your enemies.

WARNING: Don’t ignore a discomfort that reappears with some frequency. Don’t overload yourself or you will end up leaving everything in two months.

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