Dream of Lion Face

MEANING: Dream of lion face signifies that but you must also make him see that you are not at his service and that he must know how to thank you. Before making a risky decision share it with the people in your inner circle. It is preferable that you do not flirt with a person whose intentions you know well. From the very first monday morning, you will be able to concentrate on your work. Take advantage of the waste of creativity and you will obtain very good results.

SOON: Lion face in dream signifies that there is someone who watches you closely in the development of that work and is someone with power. You are in a very sweet and positive vital moment that should not change from now on. The best thing is to try to be nice at all times and keep your critical judgments to yourself. Health and work are the most important points at the moment. Your happiness depends on the choices you make.

FUTURE: Dream of lion face expresses that they will give you good financial news that will allow you to continue to fulfill your own dreams. You will have opportunities to improve your social relations. Your psychism will light the way to new and great successes. You can be very helpful to him because that way he will notice that he is not alone. No one said it was easy but in time you will feel an immense satisfaction.

More about Lion Face

Dream of lion signifies that in a natural environment you will find yourself and your true feelings. You will feel more daring, more confident to enter unknown territory. If it’s a business issue, you’ll see progress. A bike ride through the countryside would be great. In the familiar everything will be better than ever.

Dream of face indicates that your will power leads you to achieve now what you want. You will enjoy having fun both at work and in your family circle. You will be very happy with the way things turn out. You will think about starting new disciplines or studies that will be very interesting. You feel more confident in all decisions.

Dream of lion face contains special messages

ADVICE: You should pay more attention to what you eat and worry about getting a little more exercise. Beware of sudden changes in meals or schedules.

WARNING: Beware of some frustration that does not correspond to reality. Don’t rule out meeting someone important for your professional future.

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