Dream of Kontomire

MEANING: Dream of kontomire means that today will be a complicated day in terms of health. Your happiness does not depend on others, it depends exclusively on you. You will feel, at least part of the day, tired and down. Everything arrives and the celebration of a family member or a great friend is near. You possess an inner strength that today will make you walk forward without any fear.

SOON: Dream of kontomire shows that you know that many times, being alone or having fun on your own is the best thing you can do. You can consult a specialist or you can face your fears on your own. It’s good for you to regain that contact, either from a professional or personal point of view. Perhaps the answer lies within themselves. Family togetherness is an important part of emotional stability for you and your loved ones.

FUTURE: Dream of kontomire means that maybe it is an encounter with someone who will change your perspective. You will strive to show others your wisdom and will want to be right in everything. You will unleash a magical aura that will make you very attractive to others. Your more passionate side will make you start an interesting stage from the sexual point of view. The tensions that existed between you and a member of your family will almost miraculously disappear.

ADVICE: Take it in the best possible mood and try to chat with the people you like best. Contact an old friend, who will give you great news.

WARNING: You know you need to take better care of yourself so you don’t get any scares. Let him speak, but don’t assume his way of seeing life, everyone has his own.

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Adu Maxwell

I dream of my father’s friend giving me kontomire