Dream of Infection

MEANING: Dream of infection indicates that you might argue with a co-worker who gets too involved in your business. You don’t have to wait for the summer vacations to give you a little tribute. You have successfully completed your transformation. You will celebrate and count on the enthusiasm of someone who really loves you. Your health will suffer today, especially if you suffer from any kind of allergy.

SOON: Dream of infection expresses that you’ve been looking for someone special for a long time. Everything is properly arranged so that the illusion you have been pursuing for weeks is fulfilled. Many alternatives and paths to follow to succeed are presented to you. Mistakes are nothing but learning opportunities. Summer suits you beautifully and makes you irresistible to others.

FUTURE: Dream of infection expresses that you will be like a sponge and will want to learn new things. At work you will live several days of great tranquility. Your optimism is reborn and you will achieve any challenge you set yourself. You will discover a part of the beauty of the world that you were not discovering. A friend will put you on the spot in front of someone else who is not really important to you.

ADVICE: Listen to good advice from an older person. Value what you have now, and don’t focus so much on what is to come as on what is now.

WARNING: Do not react aggressively as truth will overcome any injustice. You need to make up for that time you don’t have during the week.

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