Dream of High Water

MEANING: Dream of high water shows that you are shielding yourself from your emotions. You volunteer for something or are a volunteer. You will have very clear what elements you have to remove or what things you have to change to improve. It’s important to act intelligently in labor matters, if you’re going to work today. A person close to you will let you down badly and hurt you.

SOON: High water in dream suggests that you can no longer refuse a change that has already come into your life and that could make it richer. The best thing is to be sincere and ask for the clear. Someone new fills a part of your existence with fresh air. You keep meeting a person who appeared in your life in a somewhat mysterious way. Money has never been your main objective but during the last weeks you have been obsessed with.

FUTURE: Dream of high water expresses that your partner’s support will play a very important role for you now. You will experience dramatic changes in everything intimate, personal. You will enjoy your children, if you have them, because their company will be rewarding. You will do well to avoid alcohol and exciting substances. You will get out of the routine and dare to do what you never dared to do.

More about High Water

Dream of water indicates that the reaction will not be negative, even if you think it is difficult to get an appointment. Your mood will be strengthened and you will feel calm. Little by little the waters return to their course. You will have opportunities to do so in these next few days. You will become emotionally attached to a person younger than you and to whom you are very fond.

Dream of high water contains special messages

ADVICE: Express what you think but always be careful that no one is offended by your frankness. Let yourself be carried away by this energy, it will last you the whole week.

WARNING: Don’t get into the rag but don’t agree with it. Meditate on it well, but do not accept it if you are not clear.

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