Dream of Heights

MEANING: Dream of heights expresses that clarifying the doubts you have about your partner begins to be a necessity. Don’t waste any more time arguing with your partner about something you won’t agree on. You need to get the word out about something. Consider that it is time to rebuild a family relationship that is quite broken. You will be very grateful, show it without complexes.

SOON: Dream of heights means that someone tells you a detail that gives you many clues and allows you to take a step safely. In any case, it’s about getting better organized, don’t forget. You take advantage of the holiday to take care of yourself a little more. The approach is right, but the methodology is wrong. After all, you have every right to do what you want with your private life.

FUTURE: Dream of heights signifies that you will face truths and disappointment will now give way to sweet reality. You will be very sensitive and affected by the words of one of your relatives. If you are a smoker, you will have great willpower to quit the vice. You will feel at your best to act and get what you deserve so much. Very specially you will have to be attentive to affective matters.

ADVICE: Remember that you have overcome potholes as big as this. Keep emanating such good energy and everything will go smoothly.

WARNING: Beware of getting involved in negative relationships. You should do things calmly so you don’t make mistakes.

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