Dream of Gymnastics

MEANING: Dream of gymnastics symbolises that today you take flight and see things with better color, not so pessimistic. You will connect with virtually no one throughout your workday. You will feel happy and excited about the varied plans that are presented on the weekend. You must control the time you spend with social networks or mobile. Today you might feel betrayed by a friend.

SOON: Dream of gymnastics means that you are a brilliant and intelligent person, but you do not trust yourself or your abilities. You begin to recover that energy and dynamism that so much characterizes you. You take advantage until the last minute, if you are travelling, to know or discover some place. You are a modest, helpful and hardworking person. Your mind and communication skills are emphasized.

FUTURE: Dream of gymnastics signifies that no one is going to put any stickers on you and you will have the support of someone who is above you. Everything you do now to improve your body, your hair and your skin will give excellent results. You may want to buy, rent, sell or refurbish your own home. External circumstances may force you to change or leave your current job. Everything will be fine, but you must clear the doubts to be able to be calm.

ADVICE: Let yourself go and do it as if you were a child, that will give you very good results and smiles. Expect major changes in your home area, your workplace and the world you live in.

WARNING: If there is any indication of illness, go to the doctor and try to get to the root that may cause it. You must not let disappointment turn into resentment.

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