Dream of Godparents

MEANING: Dream of godparents signifies that it improves the communication in this area, but you will have to work more. You are trying to do too much at one time. This is not the time to argue or seek confrontation. Your stomach may suffer if you eat something out of the ordinary. You care about the welfare of a friend who is far away and do him/her a favor or take care of his/her business.

SOON: Dream of godparents shows that the decision is not so complicated, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Life is a game you sometimes take too seriously. The success of everything you do depends on you. Something comes out of your life so that something new comes and a new rebirth arises. You feel nostalgia for what is ending, but at the same time hope for what is coming.

FUTURE: Dream of godparents indicates that issues related to legal documents or signatures or contracts will be resolved soon. You will have a great time surrounded by fun people who know how to have fun. You will share quality time with a good friend who is full of new and interesting projects. You are mature and brave enough to face your fears. You will be very successful, in general, with your words.

ADVICE: Reflect on your surroundings, you will find what you need, but you must not give up. Analyze if you are happy with what you do or just let yourself go.

WARNING: You need to rest, especially if you haven’t enjoyed your vacation yet. Do things one by one, calmly and don’t want to cover too much.

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