Dream of Girlfriend

MEANING: Dream of girlfriend signifies that you need to expand your awareness and knowledge. Don’t let something splash on you that is not at all your responsibility. If you insist on hitting a wall you will not achieve your goals. Everything that had to happen or happen happened in one way or another. You are showing your devotion to your beliefs.

SOON: Dream of girlfriend indicates that the culmination of a period of sickness of soul and body has come to an end. Your boldness is positive as long as it does not expose you to certain dangers. There are constantly ends and beginnings in life. This is an idea that has been going around in your head for a long time. That’s not bad as long as you don’t suffer.

FUTURE: Dream of girlfriend signifies that a close family member will be of great help to you. Someone is going to congratulate you on it and strengthen your spirits. Those words will suit your ego very well, which comes out very reinforced. Your promotions or recognitions will come to you because of your dedication and excellent work. You will be now more romantic, seductive and attractive than ever before.

ADVICE: Don’t take things so seriously and laugh at what you can’t change. Stay firm in what you have decided even if some people close to you do not understand you.

WARNING: Don’t let anyone stop your dreams, plans or ideas. Don’t put the date of the trip you will make with a friend yet.

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