Dream of Gerbils

MEANING: Dream of gerbils symbolises that think about it because it is a unique opportunity and it means a professional promotion. You are having difficulties communicating your emotions or thoughts. Don’t try to do something that won’t work. If you have to travel, take all the necessary precautions to make the trip pleasant. You will have to supervise someone’s work and perhaps make a judgment about that person.

SOON: Dream of gerbils indicates that nothing better than putting an end to a cycle you are not satisfied with. The important thing is that you have fun doing your job. Everything that has hindered you is definitely removed from your life. There is a change of strategy around you that can affect you. Nothing seemingly negative can now obscure your picture.

FUTURE: Dream of gerbils signifies that the day will offer you many possibilities in all aspects. In any case, you strengthen your ties with him. You will dedicate time to your particular hobbies. That conversation will give you many clues to his intentions. Love will not be lacking at your side these days.

ADVICE: Get your priorities straight if you are going to spend that money. Go with the flow and flow with the events.

WARNING: Don’t be so strict with those around you. Avoid confrontations in this direction and wait for the waters to return to their course.

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