Dream of Fulfillment

MEANING: Dream of fulfillment means that you will know how to act now that you have in your power that new way of seeing things. You and your partner are settled into a routine that is neither healthy nor productive. Rumors can make you lose your partner’s stability. Memories of the past will come to the surface that will prevent you from falling asleep. You are feeling restricted and limited in the expression of your ideas and feelings.

SOON: Dream of fulfillment symbolises that the best thing you can do is to get away from it all and have moments of solitude. Your personal evolution includes understanding your own emotions. It’s up to you to start the path to a happier life. The reality is quite different since you have only achieved very important things. Happiness is an inner state, as you know.

FUTURE: Dream of fulfillment shows that romance is in the air and if you are looking for a partner you will soon have one. You will feel good, especially first thing in the morning. You will overcome your inner demons and your major defects. You will be invited and called more than usual. You will gain the trust of influential people who will be of great help.

ADVICE: You must learn to manage your time and assume only those commitments that you can carry out. Appreciate all the good you have achieved in recent times.

WARNING: Don’t go back to what hurts you even if someone tempts you. Avoid temptations from friends who don’t seem to want to know that when you say no it’s not that no.

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