Dream of Fufu

MEANING: Dream of fufu suggests that someone can play with bad arts with you or exercise his power with arbitrariness. You feel the need to protect and defend yourself. A close relative will ask you a favor that will surprise you a lot. You have to keep this in mind and be more flexible, things will get better. For example, it can help you get a good job.

SOON: Dream of fufu means that you can’t expect everyone to do, at all times, what you think is right. After all, you wanted it that way, no one forced you. It’s time to assert yourself and show off even more in your performances. Deep down you know it’s your responsibility. You are interested in showing, at least on this occasion, caution and reserve.

FUTURE: Dream of fufu means that a professional consultation would be good for you. You join foreigners who will bring you a lot of luck. You will spend part of the day tidying up the house and putting everything to your liking. Your body has been asking for weeks for a deserved rest and it is time for you to attend to it. Affectively, you will discover that there is someone who has more than appreciation for you.

ADVICE: Allow someone expert to advise you, but do not fall into the clutches of discouragement. Rejoice in what you have achieved, for this approach will bring you intense satisfaction.

WARNING: Don’t jump into the pool unless you reach a clarity that you don’t have at the moment. Try not to jump at any comments they make about you.

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