Dream of Frogs

MEANING: Dream of frogs signifies that go out for a walk, you’ll be surprised what will cheer you up. Sometimes you are not aware of all you have achieved and do not recognize yourself as being of value. If you follow his advice, a not very thick, but persistent wall will be knocked down, which is in your life. Take advantage of the good vibes to date a trip you’ve been wanting to make for a long time. If you are objective, you will see that it has not been as negative as you sometimes think.

SOON: Dream of frogs suggests that your social life appears to be lively and positive for your professional activity. You know that after the storm the calm returns. You are in a socially active period with a lot of communication in the sentimental. Even if it is at the beginning of the week, it is better to rest a little. Your magnetism makes you attractive to others.

FUTURE: Dream of frogs symbolises that this attitude will serve you to strengthen the bond with someone you did not know very much. An economic advisor will be of great help to you at this time in your life. The truth will make you stronger once and for all. They will have to be very calculated so that they are not negative to your interests. You will be struck by what someone thinks about your work or your attitudes.

ADVICE: Be clear about your decisions and what you want in your life now. You should be prepared to have to talk or participate in some way.

WARNING: Think about it and even if it costs you work, don’t insist on it. You have to get rid of those fears that are hurting you so much.

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