Dream of Feeling Small

MEANING: Dream of feeling small shows that the accumulated fatigue is due to the fact that you have taken on more responsibilities than you can handle. Examine what’s best in your life and secure it. You will have time to find some free way to learn the knowledge you need. In love matters you will feel the need to take a step further in your commitment. Follow an orderly meal schedule and avoid drinking alcohol for at least a few days.

SOON: Dream of feeling small expresses that the important thing is what you think of yourself, how you value and respect yourself. Your happiness depends on the choices you make. It’s time to be discreet and go as unnoticed as possible. It’s not so hard to find the balance if you set your mind to it. The only trick is to take it easy and not to worry.

FUTURE: Dream of feeling small suggests that expanding your social circle, looking for new friends, is a good option. Time will help you put everything in place. Everything apparently negative comes to light so you can fight it and correct it. You will be more creative than ever before and apply more interest in your career or profession. In the afternoon, you will relax with friends or in social gatherings.

ADVICE: There is renewal in health, but take more care of your diet and don’t fall into excesses. You should make some changes in your consumption habits.

WARNING: Do not give importance to these comments as they come from a person who is trying to shadow you. Keep a close eye on your accounts so you don’t get any surprises.

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