Dream of Engraving

MEANING: Dream of engraving signifies that don’t trust a business or investment you have no guarantee of. There may also be a trip or a visit to someone very dear to you. You are too critical about a person or situation. Be honest with yourself and face reality. You may have to make a complicated work-related decision.

SOON: Dream of engraving expresses that you feel stronger and capable of carrying out all that you set out to do. Someone gives you a lot of encouragement and words of comfort in a work matter or job search. The stability of the affective relationship makes you think of a formal commitment. Everything turns around and is transformed in your working world. As it is, it is convenient to be discreet.

FUTURE: Dream of engraving shows that someone close to you could announce positive news. A change of scenery and even place of residence is not far off. You will be the apple of perdition for others. Someone will inspire you and you will like to play along. Energy and desire to succeed will not be lacking.

ADVICE: Try to find out their intentions and check if everything is a product of your imagination. Make up your mind to follow the path your heart tells you and your life can flow again.

WARNING: Thou shalt not take any man seriously for the time being in regard to love. Don’t give up on your commitment, you have everything on your side.

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